Why Colombia?

  • 5th Largest Latin American Economy ( 2009 GDP 248.8 Bn)

    » (Source: http://www.investincolombia.com.co)

  • Colombia ranked # 1 in Investor protection in Latin America in the period from June 2009 through May 2010

    » (Source: World Bank 2011 “ Doing Business 2011 report”)

  • Colombian Gold Juniors 2010 Stock Growth %The Colombian business climate has improved dramatically in recent years which has led to an explosion of Junior Gold exploration. Most Colombian Gold Juniors experienced significant stock growth during 2010.
  • Colombia ranked # 3 for ease of doing business

    » (Source: World Bank 2011 “ Doing Business 2011 report” )

  • During the past five years, the Colombian economy grew by 4% per year. In 2009, Colombia's GDP registered an increase of 0.4%, a positive growth during global recession.

    » (Source: http://www.investincolombia.com.co/investment-incentives)

  • Colombia is the most business friendly country in Latin America and offers the following incentives:
    • Free Trade Zones: the most competitive in Latin America because they offer up to a 50% tax break on sales into the local market. They also can be established in any place in Colombia.
    • Legal Stability Contracts.

    » (Source: World Bank 2010 “Doing Business Report”)

  • Belmira MinesColombia holds an advantage of having signed trade agreements making it an ideal export platform. This gives companies preferential access to markets that extend to more than 1.2 billion consumers, a circumstance that is only enhanced by the strategic location of Colombia.

    » (Source: http://www.investincolombia.com.)

  • Mine Royalties to government 3.2%
  • Nominal corporate tax rate approximately 32%