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Cinco Minas Photo Slideshow

The above photo slideshow compares pictures of Cinco Minas when it was operational in 2007 to pictures taken on December 15 & 16, 2012 by the International Safety and Security Firm which documented the non-operational status of Cinco Minas. Photos taken on the December 2012 site visit are date stamped in the lower right corner of the screen.

Videos - The Non-Operational Status of Cinco Minas.


Bandera Gold has released the results of a special site visit to its Cinco Minas mining property on December 15-16, 2012, in Jalisco, Mexico, documenting the mine site has been non-operational the past several years.

The site visit to Bandera's Cinco Minas property was conducted by independent forensic investigators from a private International Safety and Security Firm ("Security Firm") specializing in critical infrastructure security whose official report concluded:

  1. Based on the condition of the overall area, tailings pond, mill site, critical equipment, roads and buildings, the Cinco Minas mine, equipment, and mill has been completely non-operational for some time (presumably many years).
  2. Although there is an indication of a 3rd party known as "Southridge Minerals" having accessed the Cinco Minas mill site, there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that there has been any mining activity. To the contrary, the physical requirements needed to place the overall property and mill in working order would be extensive.
  3. Photo and video documentation has been provided (including GPS coordinateness) to support all statements and conclusions within this report.

The objective of the Security Firm's site visit was to verify the following:

  1. Current on-going mining activities at Cinco Minas.
  2. Status and condition of mining and mill equipment.
  3. Condition of out buildings, core mineral processing stations, explosive buildings and other structures.
  4. Status and condition of roads and core mineral transportation routes.
  5. Current state of tailings pond.
  6. Key individuals and personnel operating in the area.

The Security Firm achieved its objectives by accomplishing the following:

  1. Deployment of key personnel to Cinco Minas, Jalisco, Mexico.
  2. Surveillance of Cinco Minas mill site and surrounding area.
  3. Survey of Cinco Minas mill site, tailings pond, roads, access points, explosives building, shafts and critical equipment.
  4. Video documentation of Cinco Minas mill site and extended facility.
  5. Photo documentation of Cinco Minas mill site and extended facility.

The specific findings of the Security Firm include the following critical discoveries:

  1. Overall Area: The mill site, core mineral transportation roads, access points, tailings pond, and the entire property is heavily overgrown. Currently, there is no evidence to suggest that there has been any mining, core mineral transportation, or heavy equipment uses for quite some time. Specifically, the brush in many areas (including the mill site) is many feet tall; thereby suggesting that the property in general has been dormant for many years.
  2. Roads and Access Points: Following the overall degraded state of the property, is the condition of the roads and access points. The roads that were previously used for core mineral transportation from the mine shafts to the mill site have been subjected to multiple landslides which have not been cleared. In addition, in some critical areas the entire road has been washed away. Most importantly, the roads are heavily overgrown with no signs of vehicle tracks or heavy equipment use. Currently, the roads are not passable or suitable for the transportation of heavy load bearing equipment. Extensive clearing and re-construction of the roads that link the mine shafts to the mill site would be required for the facility to be operational.
  3. Tailings Pond: The tailings pond, which is the current site for the dumping of excess sediment and mining waste, is completely overgrown. There is no evidence to suggest that there has been any dumping activity for multiple years. The earth is parched, dried, and unused. The roads accessing the tailings pond are also overgrown with no evidence of vehicle access.
  4. Out Buildings: The explosives building was identified and is heavily overgrown. The weeds inside the building are quite tall and there is nothing to suggest any recent use. The concrete and exterior has been subjected to weather erosion and neglect. In short, not only has this building not been used for some time, it is currently in an unserviceable condition.
  5. Mine Shafts: Due to heavy landslides and extreme overgrown and thick brush the main mine shaft was not found during this site survey. Although fences were located, no shaft was seen. The Security Firm did locate the tops of the elevator shafts. The elevator shafts were completely flooded.
  6. Mill Site: The Security Firm gained access to the Cinco Minas mill site for close up assessment and documentation. The site is overgrown with weeds and brush. Power generators that are required to run the equipment are missing (presumably stolen). Electrical wiring to the equipment motors has been removed (presumably for sale of the copper). Overall, many of the electric motor belts, pulleys, and drive shafts are missing, seized, or simply unserviceable. The main conveyor system is unserviceable as a result of seized rollers and guides, as well as, non-working motors and belts. Tank agitation motors and shafts are seized and all required electric wiring is missing.


There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that the Cinco Minas mill has been operational for quite some time. In fact, the condition of the equipment suggests many years of neglect.

It must be noted that there was an indication of another party having entered the mill site. On one of the mill tanks, located where the power generators used to be, there was a large decal with the writing "Southridge Minerals". Although it cannot be determined when the decal was put in place, it is obvious that the neglected state of the tanks is evidence to the fact that no one has been using the mill equipment; this includes local individuals, third parties or Southridge Minerals. Simply put, the mill is completely non operational and has been for some time.


"A concerted effort has been made to hijack the identity/ownership of the Cinco Minas project and create doubt in the public's mind regarding the status of this property", stated Stephen Roehrig, President and CEO of Bandera Gold. "Individuals and entities that have made or are linked to false public statements about current mining activity and alleged ownership representations are being thoroughly investigated by Bandera Gold. Decisive action will be taken against those parties found to be complicit in this matter."